Dr. Robert Rines of Loch Ness joins ICS

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The ICS is not the same as the ISC, which is defunct. However, we have 5 PhDs on the Board of Advisorsand now famed Dr Robert Rines has agreed to join the Board of Advisors, which also has Nessie filmer Dick Raynor on it, and also Dr. Peter Rubec, marine biologist.  (Raynor is ambivalent -modesty – about

what is in his 1967 film, but we feel it is similar to our own 1983 film, and both show a Nessie).

We welcome Dr Rines and wish him good health.

                     Jon-Erik Beckjord, MBA, Director


5 Responses to “Dr. Robert Rines of Loch Ness joins ICS”

  1. Ellis Says:

    i really do believe in yeti and sasqatch and the loch ness monster and champ and bigfoot and aliens and stuff.

  2. Chris Collins Says:

    Surely this must be more than just a site for ‘believers’. With the greatest of respect to your learned membership, personal beliefs, eager hopes and desperate wishes must not get in the way of the science. In the past, too many people have expressed too elaborate theories based on too little hard evidence. What a delight it would be if a single one of these creatures was proved to exist. While the old cliche – absence of evidence does not constitute evidence of absence – will always be true, when are we going to start talking in probabilities? After all this time, surely we can say that Nessie PROBABLY does not exist, but who knows…?
    And, as a Scotsman, it almost kills me to say that!

  3. John Says:

    I was hoping that someone could speak of Dr Rines’ find of a possibble carcas in Loch Ness and any developments related to it?

  4. beckjord Says:

    I do not care what Ellis believes.

    Also, this is a society re searching and finding is not guaranteed.


  5. beckjord Says:

    Re the possible body Dr Rines found on the bottom of Loch Ness, if he finds it is worthwhile, he will report it and it will be announced in the news.



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