Owen Wilson Hollywood Star and Paris Hilton,TV Star, invited to join BIGFOOT expedition to clear out heads,etc.

<a rel="attachment wp-att-5" href="https://internationalcryptozoologicalsociety.wordpress.com/2007/09/08/owen-wilson-hollywood-star-and-paris-hiltontv-star-invited-to-join-bigfoot-expedition-to-clear-out-headsetc/various-sizes-and-croppings-of-tenfootbigfoot/" title="Various sizes and croppings of TenFootBigfoot">Various sizes and croppings of TenFootBigfootVarious sizes and croppings of TenFootBigfootVarious sizes and croppings of TenFootBigfootVarious sizes and croppings of TenFootBigfootVarious sizes and croppings of TenFootBigfootVarious sizes and croppings of TenFootBigfootIhe International Cryptozological Society  based in  Berkeley, CA, as sent invitations to the publicists for OWEN WILSON, (had recent suicide attempt) and PARIS HILTON (recent time in the slammer for DUI), to have their clients join the ICS for a BIGFOOT EXPEDITION and camp out in the El Dorado National Forest  Sept 14-17 (flexible) where a Tenfoot Bigfoot was photographed last summer,next to sixfoot SUV in camp, plus others shorter, nearby."Getting away from it all", even with Bigfoot screaming at the edge of camp at night when staff does "call blasting" can be relaxing at 6000 feet in this semi-wilderness camp by a creek and large swimming pond. "The change can be theraputic," say ICS director Jon-Erik Beckjord,MBA, and the site is a good place to chill out. 4x4 tents can be provided, and campstove meals can be provided. BIgfoot is known to be attracted to women, and also people who are troubled, and the campers often get Bigfoot in their photos which they see later. In the history of this campsite, one 12 yrof child saw a Bigfoot, and our ICS secretary , Chris Pitts, not only saw one waving at her, but got its picture  in a $9.00 toss away camera. Contact the ICS at 925-385-0422 Other troubled celebs are also open to come, to rest, meditate, get away form it all, and perhaps to hear and see Bigfoot, on the Last Great American Adventure. Celebs can bring their own security staff. Note in 1981, a CBS national TV camera crew came, and put the event on their national news. In 1987, NBC Nightly news interviewed us re our Loch Ness Monstrer footage. In the 1980s, we were on the Letterman Show, bantering with David. Enclosed here some photos of Bigfoot from last year. Worlds best stills. Dr Thomas Tomasi of SW Missouri State Univ. has stated that the images are of "an unidentified haircovered erect primate".   Adventurer Peter Byrne is examining the photos now in his office in CA, the head of the UK  Centre for Fortean Zoology , Jon Downes, says  (on seeing ) "BLOODY HELL!" most young people on the Internet see the creature easily.                                                        XXX


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