Two dudes from Chattanooga,TN, have announced in the Chattanooga Timea that they have a video they took of Bigfoot while n the road near Las Vegas, and they released a teaser still showing a black blob with a long arm near a cactus. They refuse to show the enture video to anyone saying they need to (c) the whole thing, which is garbage, since there is no risk in a private showing and they have a (c) anyway under the law when they took the video.What probably happened is they videotaped a horse or cow and used one still to get people excited, where the image is narrow and looks like a standing animal with a long arm. But as we know at the International Cryptozoological Society, Bigfoot has an arm that does not go below the knees.. And these guys will not return emails nor phone calls. End of story.  Details call 925-385-0422 


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