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February 13, 2008

“Huge mysterious manlike beast” . Unofficial, but descriptive in Latin, and it may make fence-sitting scientists more comfortable  than the slang term


Many will shorten this to “Crypticus” . (The mysterious one).Ten foot tall mystery primateTen foot tall mystery primateTen foot tall mystery primateTen foot tall mystery primate

If a body is ever found, this will make an easy name to  use.

 Jon-Erik Beckjord, BA,MBA Director, ICS  925-385-0422



February 2, 2008

GW Bush head shot on Mars 1999Press Release: 2/2/08

International Cryptozoological Society

Box 9502,Berkeley,CA 94709


Not Bigfoot on Mars, but Dubya himself , an actual hominid as a head shot. 7/99

This image was taken from the JPL Mars archives in the same region where the Hon.

Ted Kennedy’s head was also found amongst the craters several years go. No Photoshop was used, other than to add a title. The crater is several miles across. Taken 7/91

and as a result, that photo was given a Dubious Achievement Award by Esquire in 1991.



February 1, 2008

History channel, A&E and the others continue to exploit the public’s curiosity over “monsters”  with on-going programs about researchers who fail (and always will) to find actual monsters, aquatic or land because of the tendancy

of researchers to find  objects left by shape-shifters and dimensional travellers and to then scream “Ahah – proof at last!” . This has gone on since the before the invention of TV.

Bits of hair, bits of blood (that we also have found) , track impressions, screams on tape,

photos (which we have taken also) all form “teasers” that never end. Bodies are never,ever found.  The jaws of  Gigantopithecus blacki, a 500,000 year old fossil ape,

are waved about  but they never match the slender jaws of the Patterson Bigfoot. (1967 -film) Smells, poop, hairs, dna or the lack thereof, never match.  It is time to quit.

Jon-Erik Beckjord, BA,MBA Director, ICS


January 25, 2008

Box 9502, Berkeley,CA 94709


Note the HUMANOID FEMALE ON MARS report as shown on ANDERSON COOPER 360 1/23/08
has not had any serious denial nor refutation. The image appears to be a valid part of the crater on Mars from 2004. The object may be small, but it has lots of fine detail for a mere

rock.How could this happen?? (Not Bigfoot – the tabloids use “Bigfoot” to sell more papers on the street. Bot it does appear to be human, or humanoid. )

One explanation relates to the OOBE (out of body experience) & see a classic one involving a sleeping subject who was able to leave the body,
drifting upwards to read and memorize a series of letters and numbers on a paper left on top of a bookshelf over her bed. Then returning
later to wake and read the words properly. Many hospital patients report drifting upwards over the operating table, watching the
operation, from above, and later returning. In “near-death” OOBEs, the patient thinks he is dying, ;leaves the body, sees the
people by the bedside, and later returns.

Our suggestion involves “astro-cryptozoology” where unknown or even known animals, appear and do things on other planets, where
they are not supposed to appear or be. Often this may be men, ancient or modern, appearing on planets where they do not “belong”.

We link this with the OOBE in the following speculation:

Perhaps a female mission control specialist in 2004, on the MARS MISSION, drifted into semi-consiousness
and had an OOBE where she appeared on Mars at the edge of the crater being studied. The mind-body
passing through space-time in an instant. Just long enough to appear on video by the Rover. (As a Tulpa)Then
probably returning to the lady at her console, and vanishing at that the Mars crater. The size is not relevant. A mind-manifestation could be 6 cm, or 6,000,000 cm in size. There are stories of dying priests who left their deathbed mentally, just long enough to travel 50 miles,
and give one last Mass, then returning to his bed. Witnesses did see the priest at the Mass.

Perhaps this happened here, on Mars.

If this could be studied and controlled, it might be a way to explore MARS without sending a space ship.

The director of the International Cryptozoological Society, Jon-Erik Beckjord (925-385-0422) has had a number of
such OOBEs including when he visited a neighbor and was later accused of breaking into that house (under OOBE)
and was reported as having been seen there, despite many locks and alarms. He also had an alleged OOBE
where he was touching the Hubble telescope in space, and then zoomed back to his bedroom
when the cat licked his face. Author Robert Monroe, “Travels Outside the Body”, relates many such events,
going to different geographical locations and some unproven locations.

Such OOBEs may explain many strange animals and even dinosaurs (such as Mokele M’Bembe of the Republic of the Congo
_ref Dr Roy Mackal – Univ. of Chicago – and The creature in Loch Ness, -ref. Dr. Robert Rines, Boston)

Questions call 925-385-0422

How humanoid female got to MARS.

January 24, 2008

This is serious.

One of the Mission Control ladies was snoozing and had an OOBE experience.

Her image and mind got to Mars. When she woke, the image remained.

This is a serious idea. Jon-Erik Beckjord 925-385-0422

This is not a joke.  My own mind has done this with space.


Humanoid on Mars? NASA photo from 2004 may show one.

January 24, 2008

We can’t say it is a sasquatch, nor a humanoid,  nor a human, and it might be a statue or model. But it shows too much detail to be a mere rock.

Trust me, NASA will now mount a special mission to go there and destroy whatever it is it, or was.

Trust no one.


Watch now for the new CRYPTOZOOLOGY MERIT BADGE with the Boy Scouts.

Jon-Erik Beckjord     925-385-0422


January 6, 2008

Breaking News:  Press release   1/6/08



announced today they will offer an on-line CZ course in Feb, for 4 sessions,

covering Bigfoot, Nessie, Big Bird, cryptids, cryptozoology as a field, famous films,

evidence and lack of same, and that as part of the course, Boy Scouts may earn an unofficial CZ Merit badge, that someday  may become official. 


The fee is $99 and will be taught on-line.  payment is by

with recipient   Teacher is an Eagle Scout with experience

running three CZ land museums, and 31 yrs fieldwork, plus two college degrees.  Details 925-385-0422 

Skeptic Ben Radford & bad answers to Yeti footprint

December 10, 2007

Radford had this to say:

The Truth About the Abominable Snowman

By Benjamin Radford, LiveScience’s Bad Science Columnist

posted: 03 December 2007 03:52 pm ET

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The Yeti, formerly known as the Abominable Snowman until he fired his publicist, is Nepal’s version of the American Bigfoot. Like Bigfoot, Yeti is large, powerful, leaves strange tracks, and has never been proven to exist outside of folklore and myth.

Interest in the supposed creature is fueled by occasional sighting reports and odd footprints, but recently an American television crew claimed to have found the Yeti’s tracks not far from Mount Everest.

Josh Gates, host of the Sci-Fi channel series “Destination Truth,” claimed that he found three mysterious footprints on Nov. 28: one full print that measured about thirteen inches long, and two partial prints.

Gates said that he could not identify what made them, but that they are “very, very similar” to other strange tracks previously found in the Himalayas and attributed to the Yeti. To Gates and his television crew, this apparently seems like strong evidence for the elusive creature.

Other explanations

Yet there is a scientific explanation for many “Yeti footprints” found in the Himalayas.

Tracks in snow can be very difficult to interpret correctly because of the unstable nature of the medium in which they are found. Snow physically changes as the temperature varies and as sunlight hits it. This has several effects on the impression, often making the tracks of ordinary animals seem both larger and misshapen.

As sunlight strikes the impression from different angles, the sides of the tracks melt unevenly. Thus a bear track made at night but found the next afternoon has been exposed to the morning sun and might change into a mysterious track with splayed toes—much like the one Gates and his crew claim to have found.

While the track Gates found was apparently not in snow, it was in a medium almost as bad: rocky soil near a river. It can be difficult or impossible to get accurate tracks of even known animals in such hard, uneven terrain.

If the soil was soft enough to make a valid impression as Gates claimed, it is puzzling that he found only one complete track. Unless the creature was dropped from a helicopter, scampered a few feet, and then picked up again, there should be a continuous line of dozens of tracks. Or, if the terrain is so poor at capturing tracks that he only found one full print, how accurate can Gates’s track be?

It’s amazing that anyone would claim to have found evidence for the Yeti based on only one ambiguous track found in rocky soil.

Logic 101

Gates and the “Destination Truth” crew interpreted the tracks as those of a Yeti; after all, they were in the area specifically searching for the creature, and as soon as they found something that seemed mysterious, they called the press claiming they’d found evidence.

Gates’s claims fail Logic 101: Just because Gates doesn’t know what made the track doesn’t mean that a Yeti did. There are no authenticated Yeti tracks to compare the tracks to, so who’s to say what a “real” Yeti footprint looks like?

Assuming that the track is real, there are several animals that could have made it.

Those who live in the foothills of the Himalayas are skeptical about Gates’s claim, suggesting that he simply misinterpreted tracks from a mountain bear. Sir Edmund Hillary, who was the first to scale Everest with sherpa Tenzing Norgay, found no evidence of the creature. Famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner also spent months in Nepal and Tibet, climbing mountains and researching Yeti reports following his own sighting. In his book “My Quest for the Yeti,” Messner concludes that large native bears are responsible for Yeti sightings and tracks.

It’s not surprising that the track fooled Gates and his crew, since they did little investigation and only spent about a week in the area. Gates is an actor, not a zoologist or animal tracker, and has little or no experience with supposed Yeti footprints. Gates’s credibility is not helped by his appearances on the “Ghost Hunters ” television show. That series, like “Destination Truth,” is far more interested in making sensational claims and garnering ratings than actually solving mysteries or scientifically analyzing the evidence.

As far as Yeti tracks go, Gates’s “discovery” is nothing new or exceptional; it is only the latest in a long series of similar “mysterious” tracks in the Himalayas attributed to the Yeti more out of speculation than science. Like all previous ambiguous Bigfoot or Yeti tracks, the mystery will remain after the publicity subsides.

Benjamin Radford has scientifically investigated mysterious creatures for over a decade. His latest book is “Lake Monster Mysteries.” This and other books can be found on his website.


Radford has no need to bring up snow tracks, which are sometimes seen and videotaped in  fresh, not melted, snow, since these were found in gravel.

His main point is where are the other tracks?  I told him, in person, at an Idaho Bigfoot

convention, that Bigfoot, being a paranormal creature, has no need nor requirement to

leave sets of tracks and can often leave just one, which I have found often in ashes, sawdust,  and ice under water.

I’ll agree with him that there is no zoological creature,  but there is, based on my research,

a spiritual or even space-time creature.  This shoots down all skeptics.

Erik Beckjord 925-385-0422


November 21, 2007

T*ra L. B*ker H*uki continues to claim expediti0n leader (sept 07) hit her on
the head with a flashlight.  She claims it was a plastic flashlight.

 One problem – the flashlight was big, metal, 3 lbs,  3 cell, and same kind as police carry.

Any such flashlight will leave deep bruises and bloody cuts.  Amador co. sheriff’s dept

found NO wounds, bruises, etc. 


She also said “He kept hitting me, he kept hitting me.” 

 In such case, there should have been multiple bruises and wounds. NONE WERE FOUND.


This woman has admitted to being suicidal, and a former meth-head. Lives in Happy Camp,CA.  A libel lawsuit is being prepared against her. 

 She is also said to have told followers of Thomas Biscardi that she had killed her own

father, in Coalinga,CA and had gotten off by pleading insanity. The ICS offers $50

reward for any details of this event, arrest and trial. 925-385-0422 



November 12, 2007

This woman has been accusing me, the expedition leader, of assault and battery for months, on a website, in emails, and on internet radio. None of it

is true, but now it is revealed from several parties that prior to 2005, she SHE IS ALLEGED to have killed her father, probably under a different name.

and one source says, her mother also, alleged, in Coalinga,CA or nearby.

It is alleged she as declared mentally incompetent to stand trial and was shipped up to rural

Happy Camp, on a state “8-A” diversion program. This needs to be verified. She admitted she is a mental case, has been suicidal, has been a crack addict, and is bi-polar. She claimed to be half-alien and half -Indian, and she had a knife in her pocket.

She carried a knife on the camping trip f0r Bigfoot. I allege she hit me with a shovel and threw books in the stream. I left, fearing for my safety.

As further proof of this comes up, we will update.

We now will no longer take mentally ill people on expeditions……..

However, as a benefit, we did get unusual photos of a man in green on the other side of the

creek, and on the last follow up trip, a woman in green, with a large Bigfoot head

resting down by her lower leg. This head, strange as it seems, did also appear in photos

taken there in 1978. It must be a resident, upset by the events.

Jon-Erik Beckjord, MBA, Director, International Cryptozoological Society